Sunday, August 23, 2015

of pet peeves...

So I was on a date. A brunch date with a guy I met on OKC.

He looked good on paper (why do I keep falling for that?) and after a couple of emails and phone calls, we decided to do Sunday brunch.

He picked a nice little place called The Providore at Turf Club Road and we were nicely seated by the window. We ordered and our food came. That's when the horror began.

He chewed. With his mouth open. With loud noises.

I tried to concentrate on the conversation we were having about his weekend in Taiwan, but all I could focus on was the eggs and chorizo being crushed between his teeth. And the noise that came out of it. *chomp chomp chomp*

Coupled with that, was the leg shaking.

At that point, table manners seemed like the best thing any parent could do for a child. It's the epitome of love - now I believe. I am grateful to my mom who drilled in table manners from a very young age. Can you picture me bouncing on my seat chewing mesclun like a cow? Urgh.

My two pet peeves - mixed in one. For brunch. Lucky me.

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