Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pick up Lines

A lot of decisions I make with regards to my online dating profile, and the communication that follows is based on what I would say and how I would react if it was in real life. I would like to carry myself in my profile just as I would when I am out and about.

Thus a lame pick up line virtually is equally as bad as someone saying it out loud. In the month that I have had that profile up, these are a compilation of some of the messages I've received:

1) Where did you get your dress from?

2) Nice cleavage (#gobsmacked)

3) Wait till you try my ice-cream! (#facepalm)

4) Do I have a chance to explore you? (#speechless)

5) How do you like your eggs in the morning? (Really? Do people still use this one?)

6) What if someone write Hi two time? (Please tell me again who said online dating was a good idea?)

7) Oh My God, your boyfriend is soooo lucky! (Yup, exactly why I am online dating at the moment... My non-existent boyfriend is not only lucky, he is turning green with envy from all the responses I am getting)

And staying true to my principles of not responding to these, I just roll my eyes. The only difference (and benefit) online dating has? I can actually just click delete instead of suppressing the urge to stab his eyeballs out as a distraction. 

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