Monday, May 19, 2014


Yes! I cant pretend, I cant event fake it! Yes I LURRVE  Birthdays! Not just because it gives me a reason to eat cake, but because I am reminded on this day, how much love I have in my life and there is sooo much I need to be grateful for :)

~ Blessed is a girl who has family and friends from near (like Homie in the next room) and far (like Rebuka who is half way around the world!) taking time to remember and send wishes this way.
~ Blessed also is a girl when she has friends old and new organising dinners and drinks and making an effort to being there! 
~ Blessed is the girl who has her parents stay up till 12 mid night to be the first to call her to wish her!
~ Blessed is also the girl who has her two baby cousins (ok ok, so they are teenagers now, but they will always be my babies!) who were the first to send her colourful whatsapp telling her how much they love her and miss her! 

And that Girl is this one here!

A pre birthday dinner and drinks selfie :D

I cant really complain honestly.

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