Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pick up Lines

A lot of decisions I make with regards to my online dating profile, and the communication that follows is based on what I would say and how I would react if it was in real life. I would like to carry myself in my profile just as I would when I am out and about.

Thus a lame pick up line virtually is equally as bad as someone saying it out loud. In the month that I have had that profile up, these are a compilation of some of the messages I've received:

1) Where did you get your dress from?

2) Nice cleavage (#gobsmacked)

3) Wait till you try my ice-cream! (#facepalm)

4) Do I have a chance to explore you? (#speechless)

5) How do you like your eggs in the morning? (Really? Do people still use this one?)

6) What if someone write Hi two time? (Please tell me again who said online dating was a good idea?)

7) Oh My God, your boyfriend is soooo lucky! (Yup, exactly why I am online dating at the moment... My non-existent boyfriend is not only lucky, he is turning green with envy from all the responses I am getting)

And staying true to my principles of not responding to these, I just roll my eyes. The only difference (and benefit) online dating has? I can actually just click delete instead of suppressing the urge to stab his eyeballs out as a distraction. 

Online Dating

So after sleeping on it, I actually thought I shall not chronicle my adventures. Because honestly:

1) I wouldn't know when to stop when in comes to the degree of information given out (TMI anyone?)

2) I wouldn't know how to tell these people that I would be blogging about it

But then Homie Next Door said I should and maybe I would have fun! And I am not someone to say no to fun!

So I've decided to pick some of the Good, the Bad and the downright Dirty  errmm.. Ugly ones and talk about those instead. I mean, when was the last time you gushed about "that boring date" anyways. But I do have a story about how I was bashed after rejecting a boring date!

Am I a skeptic? You bet I am! But I might as well have some fun while I'm at it! :D

Art courtesy of yours truly in her sudden burst of creativity

Monday, May 19, 2014


Yes! I cant pretend, I cant event fake it! Yes I LURRVE  Birthdays! Not just because it gives me a reason to eat cake, but because I am reminded on this day, how much love I have in my life and there is sooo much I need to be grateful for :)

~ Blessed is a girl who has family and friends from near (like Homie in the next room) and far (like Rebuka who is half way around the world!) taking time to remember and send wishes this way.
~ Blessed also is a girl when she has friends old and new organising dinners and drinks and making an effort to being there! 
~ Blessed is the girl who has her parents stay up till 12 mid night to be the first to call her to wish her!
~ Blessed is also the girl who has her two baby cousins (ok ok, so they are teenagers now, but they will always be my babies!) who were the first to send her colourful whatsapp telling her how much they love her and miss her! 

And that Girl is this one here!

A pre birthday dinner and drinks selfie :D

I cant really complain honestly.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Should I or Should I Not?

I am forever finding myself in a quandary. No surprise that since I found out the meaning of the word "oxymoron" (thank you English Literature!), that is exactly how I'd use to describe myself.

So this quandary that I am in... is whether or not I should start blogging about my Online Dating Adventures in Singapore. The question I have:

1) How much would I reveal in this blog?

2) Do I have a moral obligation to tell the men (maybe women) that I go out with that I would be blogging about it at the end of the night (or a week later, depending on how soon I would wanna forget the date)

3) Do I have a legal obligation to tell them that I would be blogging about the date, eventhough I would not use their real name or their chosen nick name (I would always, creatively name my dates. I never name a puppy unless I am taking them home)?

4) Would they be offended? Will they stalk me? Would they throw pebbles at me for my brunt remarks, if they find out?

 Now for the positives:

1) My friends would never have to listen to another tale of my boring, creepy, no-sparks, he-never-called-again dating (mis)adventures since I will now have an avenue to put it all out (and I secretly think they would be relieved)

2) I would be able to track and reflect on what is wrong with my dating life, now at least with some statistics to match instead of just playing (read: jumbling) them all in my head.

3) I might be picked up for the next edition of "Asia Next Top Bachelorette", a new TV show that will have 12 hot, smart men who somehow will all find me attractive, amazing and would want to take me home to their moms after only one date? Though the fact that they would all know that I will be going on multiple dates with the other 11 men and yet they will be best buddies and live happily together in a mansion does concern me. And since its an Asian version, would they show it on TV if I were to "accidentally" grope those men? (**this is totally inspired by Sweet Home Alabama that I had just watched. Her being spoilt for choice and me sitting home eating instant noodle on the couch watching it didn't help though!**)

So back to the question of... Should I or Should I not?

Can I sleep on this some more?

Sunday, April 27, 2014

3 months in Singapore

Like I said, let the adventures began! And so far, it has been sort of an adventure indeed.

In this 3 months, I have:

1) Joined Crossfit 

**Donna Summer's Hot Stuff is playing in the back ground on cue**

Some of you might have heard of crossfit. Its this crazy high intensity work out that pushes you to the limit and beyond. When I went for my first class, I passed out, puked, completed the session and then puked again! But then again, my fitness was at sub zero. Wait, actually it was at negative.

The soreness I suffered was so bad, I wasn't able to climb stairs nor scrub my feet. Then, within two weeks, like a sadist, I started enjoying the soreness. It was a nice pain. 

2) Been having weekday breakfast of Oats in Water, Green Apple and Black Coffee (no sugar, no milk)

This was suggested by Prem as a healthy breakfast alternative that would keep me full until lunch. I was suppose to add eggs to it but it was just too much, too full for breakfast. I needed something fast!

I was Initially disgusted with the oats in water. It was tough to swallow. Then it got better. Just a matter of getting used to it.

3) Developed a weekend standing date routine with Charis (a.k.a culinarystorm)

Missing her because she is off jet setting for work!

Charis moved to Singapore the same weekend I got here. Audrey met her at Crossfit on fateful day, got her email address and introduced us. 

4) Been walking to work (takes about 20 mins, including a hill climb)

WALKING! Me!? Again, who would have thought. But for all the bitching I did my first two weeks, I am slowly beginning to enjoy it. Taking in all the sights and sounds.

30 mins walk home from anywhere? No longer an issue!

5) Traded all of my heels for flats 

Never walked so much. Ever. It's not funny. Still not. Did I not mention the hill?

Heels + hill = Absolute torture

6) Cut my nearly waist length hair to shoulder length  :(

I love my hair. Usually it behaves and doesn't throw a hissy fit when I don't comb it. It doesn't crave my attention. It understands I am busy (taking over the world). More than I can say about exes :P

But with Crossfit and all that walking, I need to wash it everyday. Doesn't stop at just washing. It also includes conditioning and blow drying. It takes wayyyyyy to much time.

My Homie was convinced I am going bald with the amount of hair he has to pick up around the house every day. Thus the easiest solution? Chop it all off :(

7) Started an online dating profile

Its a clean slate. I had time. I wasn't gonna work myself sick. I needed more people to hang out with than just Homie and Charis.

And they all thought that I should stop watching back to back episodes of game of Thrones and instead go out there and make real human (preferably MALE) connection. Like a thorn on my side, B3F was convinced Singapore is the place and 2014 is the year. I wish I shared her enthusiasm.

Nonetheless, mustering enough positivity and ignoring my fear of virtually lurking Ted Bundy, I started my profile. I must admit the virtual world has been amusing and I have decided to chronicle my experiences on it here *shudders*

Been an interesting 3 months kan? ;)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Never Did I Think...

I'll move to Singapore.

I mean, I did consider moving countries but Singapore was never on the list.

I moved six weeks ago. Slowly settling in, missing KL occasionally.

Now that I am here... LET THE ADVENTURES BEGIN!