Friday, February 11, 2011

Yugeash Varma, my darling

Introducing you to Yugeash Varma:

Absolutely adorable isn't he?

He is Shoba Chechi's son. He is turning 5 this year. My amour... n he loves me! How do I know, you may ask... Ask anyone from The Family and they will vouch for me!

We attended Thari's Valakappu (Baby Shower) the other night. Tradition has it that the married women will bless the mother-to-be by rubbing sandalwood paste on her face and put on a couple of glass bangles for her. The sounds of the glass bangles are suppose to reach the womb and invoke the senses of the baby.

Being the only single and fabulous female around my age at the function, I made myself busy by helping out with the caterers and kitchen. Yugeash came running to the kitchen looking for me.

"Joshi cheriamma, Joshi cheriamma! What you doing here? Come... come faster. They will call you to do the thing for Thari Amma soon."

Since its an affair only for the married, I replied him, "No, no... They will not call me to do for Thari Amma".

"Why? You will go by yourself is it? They no need to call you?"

Oh gosh! How do I explain to him? "No, no, I will not do it..."

He looked at me weird... Then asked, " You will do it later?"

"No... I cannot do it at all..."
"Oh... Why?"
"Because I am not married."
"You are not married so they wont let you do?"

I nodded, thinking that he had finally gotten it. However, the 5 year old mind is not done yet though...

"But you have John Tata and Ammama... You married right?"
"No, darling. They are my parents. When I get married I will have a husband."

He held my hands and we walked to the living room where the ceremony is held. He looked like he had a million things running through his lil' head. I heard him mutter under his breathe "A husband..."

He finally went to his mom and asked, "Amma, why is Joshi cheriamma not married?" just loud enough for the other old aunties to hear. Everyone had a shocked looked on their faces.

"Well my dear... That you must ask only Joshi cheriamma..."