Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my shoes: UPDATE

Keeping my vow to not buy shoes for a year, I realised that I dont have enough shoes. How? you may ask.

Well, shoes wear and tear. And when they tear I have to throw them out. So currently, there is no input; only output.

To keep track of what I have (and what I would need to buy after August 2011...=P), here I present to you...

1) Black Work Shoes
2) Brown Work Shoes
3) White Flats
4) Pakistani Flats
5) Black Strappy Heels
6) Brown Strappy Heels
7) Green Strappy Heels
8) Purple Strappy Heels
10) White & Blue Sneakers
11) White & Red Sneakers
12) Bronze Work Shoes
13) White & Black Sandals
14) Ipanema Sandals
15) Black Sandals
16) Knee High Boots
17) Purple Slippers
18) Batik Slippers
19) Butterfly Slippers
20) Pyramid Slippers

Hhmm... reduced by 2 since Sept 2010...

mi casa...

I finally found a place in KL! Yeay! In Taman Desa nonetheless! Can I be anymore excited?

I simply love the new condo. I would really like to keep the place for myself but the last few months have been financially not too great. So a housemate is in order!

I have 2 rooms to rent out and found someone interested in one already. So one more room; one more housemate!

So many people has come forward and offered help, either physically, mentally or materially... I feel so blessed. =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my sister's keeper...

I accidentally stumbled upon this movie playing on HBO on Monday night. I usually dont come home early enough to watch anything but these days, with nothing else to do, with no one to see and with not much money to go around, I have been religiously in front of the tv at 7.30pm!

I have came across the book so many times. At first I thought it was a book about scandalous sisters living in sin (think The Other Boleyn Girl). Jodi Picoult? Really?

Of course not! How far from reality I was. Anyways, I never really got to reading it.

So as I sat with some thosai and dhal in front of the tv, I wasnt sure I wanted to watch it. I never watch a movie before reading the book unless I do not have the intention of reading the book at all. I am anal like that. =P

The movie started and I fingers were drenched with dhal thus making it difficult for me to change the channel.
So I watched.

And cried. My eyeballs. Out.

For those who know me well enough that I am not really the crying type... Not for a movie, not for a book. not really at funerals either.

But My Sister's Keeper was so heart wrenching and emotional.