Thursday, December 8, 2011

its been some time...

...since i've found enough inspiration to write. 

What happened?? I guess everything thing else took importance and at the end of the day I was too tired to pen my thoughts. 

Have I now found my sought after inspiration? Not really but I realised that its nice to just purge out the random manged thoughts in my head. I basically needed an avenue. Here. Perfect. 


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

my word

Apparently every city has a word. A word as in another name that the city is called/described with. Nope, not another concept I conjured up with... Was watching "Eat Pray Love" and this was something discussed in the movie (also the book).

On a separate note, I tried reading the book but I felt it was such a drag. I dragged myself through Italy and once she landed in India, I quit! I know this book by Elizabeth Gilbert was highly praised to say the least but it just wasn't my cup of tea. I think the story was truly remarkable, but the style of writing was very long-winded. By the time she got to the end of describing something, I forget what the something is in the first place! Of course, this is only my opinion of the book and I know many others have enjoyed it thoroughly.

So I opted for the movie and there was this scene where she would be asked, "What's your word?" And I've been pondering since last nite... So what is MY Word? Do I have a Word???

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

could Greg Behrendt be right?

that he is just not that into you?

I actually bought this book a couple of years back. But someone borrowed it and never gave me back. I tried asking them a couple of times, but to no avail... And now I am not interested to ask or get the book back from this person. So I went out and bought a new one. (I've also learned the lesson of not letting anyone have my books anymore!) An expanded version nonetheless

What I like most about this book is the honest, no-nonsense approach. Sometimes, I find it a bit harsh but in retrospect, it does seem to make sense. Its especially handy when we start making excuses for certain apparently "unexplainable" behaviour of the opposite sex. Its all explainable! Its us who sometimes are in such denial when faced with the object of our affection/love/lust! 

So yes, I've stop making excuses, stopped analysing what I could have done wrong and tell myself, "He is just not that into me!" Its nothing personal.

Monday, July 4, 2011

psst... i have a secret...

I am gonna be Aunty Jo again!!

Totally unexpected and pleasantly surprised!

*Yippity Yeay!*

Monday, June 27, 2011

Joshini John wants company...

... in a form of a four-legged furry creature!

I want a doggy!

Since leaving my aunt's place in Klang, I have been missing Natalie quite dearly. Natalie is my aunt's 4 year old Yorkshire Terrier who is an absolute darling! I had grown quite close to her and my routine use to include cuddling up with her on the couch.

Couple of weekends back I went over and there she was, the ever adorable bitch bouncing on her back two feet! I was so tempted to smuggle her out of the house in my bag. I knew those big handbags I carry must come in handy sometime! My conscience got the better of me (or it could be the potential lawsuit) and I didn't think it was the wisest think to do.

So I've decided to get myself one. Was thinking about a Jack Russell or a Silky/Yorkshire Terrier... So if anyone knows some puppies out there who needs a loving home, let me know! =)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a quandarry

I have about 3 or 4 entries on my Journey to Not-Buying-Shoes-for-a-Year.

I came about this silly vow to myself when I realised that I had 23 pairs of shoes and still feel I have not had enough. I started questioning - how many is enough?

However, as of my last entry, I could sense the frustration among my friends growing. Dena is short of saying. "Go and buy yourself a damn shoe already!" Its true, even my frustration is growing! Especially after my Ipanema gave way.

So why am I still holding on to a promise I made myself, when I am itching away to just go and get 'em? Simply because its a promise. Unlike popular culture, I do not believe that promises are made to be broken... Bullshit! Promises are your words/intention to someone, anyone, even if its just you. And a man (or woman) is only as good as her words...

So yes, I will keep holding on! And everytime I feel an itch... I will revisit this entry! =P

Monday, June 20, 2011

i could not help it

I tried not thinking about my shoes... But another 2 just gave way... And one of it is my fantabulously favourite one =(

So here goes, my list:

1) Black Work Shoes
2) Brown Work Shoes
3) Purple Strappy Heels
4) Black Strappy Heels
5) Brown Strappy Heels
6) Green Strappy Heels
7) White & Red Sneakers
8) White & Blue Sneakers
9) Bronze Work Shoes
10) Black Sandals
11) White & Black Sandals
12) Knee High Boots
13) Batik Slippers
14) Pyramid Slippers
15) Purple Slippers

Now I am really sad that my Ipanema gave way! Its June now and I have another 2 months to go before I can buy my next pair!

I lost 8 pairs in this journey so far. I am already beginning to feel the itch! I need a gold, white and silver pair each!

Friday, June 10, 2011

singing the blues

The past 2 days have been particularly blue...

*song sung blue, everybody knows one... as in queue, this song starts playing in my head*

Stop Neil Diamond stop! Urgh...

Anyways, blue as in down. My usual optimism acquiring speakers at work did not see through. I felt restless, low and all over the place. I could not focus. I wanted to roam the roads of KL... doing nothing.

After a very long time, I am feeling like that. It could be I am just very tired, surviving with about 6 hours of sleep each night. Or it could be the Post-MS (is there such a thing? if not can I coin it as my own?)

Today will be a much better day! I know it! I can feel it! =)

Monday, May 30, 2011

the one i take for granted the most...

I am generally a nice person. To most people. Of course there are those bitchy moments that cannot be avoided.

But there is this one person that I have taken for granted so much. All through out his life. I never realised how mean I have been to him and how I've always shoved him aside. In my mind, he was annoying. That's it. Period.

UVENDRAN JOHN, I do care for you. But I guess I am not the most expressive person in the world. I am working on it. And as a start, I will make a conscious effort to speak nicely! Let's not expect too much k..?


Monday, March 28, 2011

and the list continues...

The last update on my shoes were 2 months ago. More has worn n torn... But I am still managing.

The best part is I realised before taking the vow, whenever there was an upcoming dinner, I would scan the shoes that I have and decide that there is not a matching pair! But now, I somehow am able to match the outfit with the limited shoes that I have. So the question is: How many pairs is enough?

1) Black Work Shoes
2) Brown Work Shoes
3) White Flats
4) Black Strappy Heels
5) Brown Strappy Heels
6) Green Strappy Heels
7) Purple Strappy Heels
8) White & Blue Sneakers
9) White & Red Sneakers
10) Bronze Work Shoes
11) White & Black Sandals
12) Ipanema Sandals
13) Black Sandals
14) Knee High Boots
15) Purple Slippers
16) Batik Slippers
17) Pyramid Slippers

17! A drop from 23! I still have 5 months to go! 

Friday, March 11, 2011

lonely? perfectly nonetheless!

I left home right before I turned 20 to go to university in Sabah. During my studies in Sabah, I would only come home on average twice a year. After completing my degree, I came to KL to work. And that's where I have been since. 

I have been fortunate enough to travel to many different countries; mostly for business. Sometimes, I only have myself as a companion on these travels. It never have consciously crossed my mind, on how much time I spend with myself, alone, with me. 

Having been single for some time, and living alone in a condo, I often get asked, "Doesn't it get lonely?" Of course it does... but before I can add - "not in a bad way", my audience would already have sympathy in their eyes coupled with an empathetic nod. 

Wait a minute. Huh? What did I miss? 

A lot of these people are people who have never actually lived alone. They are mostly those who lived with their parents all their teenage life, went to the closest college and then got married and moved in with their spouses. It almost seems rather unfair to pass a judgement on someone who is living alone. Why the sympathy when you do not have the slightest idea on how that would be?

I never have found the exact words to set the record straight either. How do I explain something you FEEL to someone who never was had the opportunity to have experienced the situation?

And then I heard John Mayer crooning... Perfectly Lonely.

Now that perfectly explains it all. =)

Monday, March 7, 2011

worry tomorrow

On my 19th birthday, a dear friend had given me a book called "Out of the Blue: Delight Comes into our Lives".

 It was a very motivating book about making life more delightful. After pages and pages of inspiring stories about the motivation to live and to take on life's challenges, the book also came up with 52 ideas on how we can try to adapt a more positive outlook in life.

One of such idea is "Worry Tomorrow". The concept is rather simple - when you find yourself immersed in worry, just consciously tell yourself that you would not be able to do anything about the outcome of the problem right now and you shall worry about it tomorrow instead. Most of the time, when you step back from a problem, you tend to see the bigger picture and perception sets in where you realise there is no reason to worry in the first place.

A lot of us are born worriers. I am no better. Half the time I worry about things that are beyond my control. I adapted this theory and yes, it does saves me a lot of sleepless nights. And when tomorrow comes, I realise there is nothing really to worry about in the first place!


Friday, February 11, 2011

Yugeash Varma, my darling

Introducing you to Yugeash Varma:

Absolutely adorable isn't he?

He is Shoba Chechi's son. He is turning 5 this year. My amour... n he loves me! How do I know, you may ask... Ask anyone from The Family and they will vouch for me!

We attended Thari's Valakappu (Baby Shower) the other night. Tradition has it that the married women will bless the mother-to-be by rubbing sandalwood paste on her face and put on a couple of glass bangles for her. The sounds of the glass bangles are suppose to reach the womb and invoke the senses of the baby.

Being the only single and fabulous female around my age at the function, I made myself busy by helping out with the caterers and kitchen. Yugeash came running to the kitchen looking for me.

"Joshi cheriamma, Joshi cheriamma! What you doing here? Come... come faster. They will call you to do the thing for Thari Amma soon."

Since its an affair only for the married, I replied him, "No, no... They will not call me to do for Thari Amma".

"Why? You will go by yourself is it? They no need to call you?"

Oh gosh! How do I explain to him? "No, no, I will not do it..."

He looked at me weird... Then asked, " You will do it later?"

"No... I cannot do it at all..."
"Oh... Why?"
"Because I am not married."
"You are not married so they wont let you do?"

I nodded, thinking that he had finally gotten it. However, the 5 year old mind is not done yet though...

"But you have John Tata and Ammama... You married right?"
"No, darling. They are my parents. When I get married I will have a husband."

He held my hands and we walked to the living room where the ceremony is held. He looked like he had a million things running through his lil' head. I heard him mutter under his breathe "A husband..."

He finally went to his mom and asked, "Amma, why is Joshi cheriamma not married?" just loud enough for the other old aunties to hear. Everyone had a shocked looked on their faces.

"Well my dear... That you must ask only Joshi cheriamma..."

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

my shoes: UPDATE

Keeping my vow to not buy shoes for a year, I realised that I dont have enough shoes. How? you may ask.

Well, shoes wear and tear. And when they tear I have to throw them out. So currently, there is no input; only output.

To keep track of what I have (and what I would need to buy after August 2011...=P), here I present to you...

1) Black Work Shoes
2) Brown Work Shoes
3) White Flats
4) Pakistani Flats
5) Black Strappy Heels
6) Brown Strappy Heels
7) Green Strappy Heels
8) Purple Strappy Heels
10) White & Blue Sneakers
11) White & Red Sneakers
12) Bronze Work Shoes
13) White & Black Sandals
14) Ipanema Sandals
15) Black Sandals
16) Knee High Boots
17) Purple Slippers
18) Batik Slippers
19) Butterfly Slippers
20) Pyramid Slippers

Hhmm... reduced by 2 since Sept 2010...

mi casa...

I finally found a place in KL! Yeay! In Taman Desa nonetheless! Can I be anymore excited?

I simply love the new condo. I would really like to keep the place for myself but the last few months have been financially not too great. So a housemate is in order!

I have 2 rooms to rent out and found someone interested in one already. So one more room; one more housemate!

So many people has come forward and offered help, either physically, mentally or materially... I feel so blessed. =)

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

my sister's keeper...

I accidentally stumbled upon this movie playing on HBO on Monday night. I usually dont come home early enough to watch anything but these days, with nothing else to do, with no one to see and with not much money to go around, I have been religiously in front of the tv at 7.30pm!

I have came across the book so many times. At first I thought it was a book about scandalous sisters living in sin (think The Other Boleyn Girl). Jodi Picoult? Really?

Of course not! How far from reality I was. Anyways, I never really got to reading it.

So as I sat with some thosai and dhal in front of the tv, I wasnt sure I wanted to watch it. I never watch a movie before reading the book unless I do not have the intention of reading the book at all. I am anal like that. =P

The movie started and I fingers were drenched with dhal thus making it difficult for me to change the channel.
So I watched.

And cried. My eyeballs. Out.

For those who know me well enough that I am not really the crying type... Not for a movie, not for a book. not really at funerals either.

But My Sister's Keeper was so heart wrenching and emotional.