Sunday, November 28, 2010

what a weekend!

22nd November 2010

Wagas – Qibao – weird Ugly Betty lookalike girl in the subway – lots of picture taking – lots of cheap accessories – Awesome Thai Lunch – Gap (and I didn’t buy anything) – home – sex and the city marathon – new hair cut – KFC twister – Max Pub – band – magazine – free drinks – crappy pool – cab – confused driver – more beer – 39G – Glee – confused lunch – beautiful view – coffee - home. 

ladies’ night ala Shanghai!

19th November 2010

Last night, the girls in Shanghai organized a Ladies’ Night, after hearing me lament that I would like to check out the night scene but do not have anyone to go with me. Thank you so much girls!!

The plan started on Monday when Marianna sent me a list of happenings in Shanghai from this website: So we went through the list and picked out the possible exciting ones and finally narrowed it down to The Apartment.

So we hashed out the plan on Wednesday, and we will meet at The Apartment at 9pm. I will meet Marianna up first (as we live 15 mins walking distance away from each other) and take a cab there. Ella has dinner plans and right after dinner she would come join us. CC would head home and have dinner with her parents and meet up there. So there we have it – THE PLAN.

However, there was one problem – I had nothing to wear. Boss exclaimed, “You brought a 20kg luggage for 20 days and you have nothing to wear?? How is that possible?”

Well, for one, I am a girl and two, I packed for work in winter. How would I know I would meet awesome company for ladies night?

Marianna, being the darling she is, suggested that we go shopping at the Superbrand Mall before heading back to her place to have dinner and get ready. Yeay! Superbrand Mall is the mall that I had wanted to go to but Boss would not follow me there as “he doesn’t like that place”.


Right after work, we hailed a cab and got to the mall. We checked out a few places for tops and dresses. Shopping that day made me depressed. Yes, I know I’ve gained some weight but the retail industry has stopped making clothes for people with hips! My hips didn’t lie about the chocolates and the cheese cakes. As a matter of fact, it flaunted it. And I could not find anything that would cover it nicely… =(

We finally came out with a tube dress and some skin colour stockings from H&M. It’s gorgeous and dressy and sexy. Perfect for clubs and dinner parties. Can’t wait to get back to KL and put them on!

Marianna’s boyfriend cooked a very nice dinner. After dinner, we scrambled to get ready as CC was already on the way there! We got there half an hour later and apologized profusely at CC. After a couple of drinks, toasts and a fishbowl later, all was forgotten and I had an amazing night! Just girls… and I could not have asked for a better date. =)

L-R: Me, Marianna & CC

CC & the fishbowl

Me & CC drinking from the fishbowl

Yummiest Cosmopolitan in a fishbowl

Me & Marianna

Marianna & her million dollar smile =)

A toast to awesome company with diverse background and language... muaxx

I do not have enough clothes!

6th November 2010

Nope, this is not the typical dilemma of every city-living-20-something-year-old women. I do not have a cupboard full of clothes with nothing to wear. I just do not have enough clothes. How did this happen to Joshini John? I used to have so many clothes that I would not need to wear the same thing twice for 30 days!

I jogged my memory a little and realized that I have not gone shopping since March 2008. Now there was where the problem lied. March 2008 was when I resigned form marcus evans and was offered to join VMAC instead. And somewhere within that same year, when I shifted to my own room, I realized just how much clothes I had (its sort of the same realization I had about my shoes and handbags a month back). That was when I decided I was not going to shop anymore. I have bought a couple of tops here and there but I have not gone for proper shopping to update my cupboard since March 2008!

And that is how now I just do not have enough tops and shirts and t-shirts. =(
Shop in China???? Hhmm… now that sounds like a plan! 

my 18 days in Shanghai

1st November 2010

Yes, it was decided that I would spend 18 days in Shanghai to train and guide the new producers there. My Production Department had been in a bit of a dilemma – we can’t seem to hire the right people for the job in KL. We tried many different things to fill the void – from raising the salary to being lax on the datelines (something I personally do not agree with) – but we just could not manage to find high quality candidates in Malaysia.

As such, Boss had put out an advertisement for the Shanghai office instead. He managed to hire 3 producers within a couple of weeks. So, we decided that we stop hiring in KL for producers and I would concentrate on the Operations Department instead. I sort of like doing operations because after close to five years doing Production, any change is welcomed.

My flights are booked, my files are checked and I am pretty much ready for the trip except I have not started packing. That should not be too difficult. Mom is going to bring so some clothes back from Ipoh so I would need to wait for that as well.

Shanghai for work… Ooo, I’m excited!