Thursday, October 21, 2010

my handbags

Now that I have a list for my shoes, I've decided to put a list on for handbags! Hehe...

1) Green Indian Buffalo Skin
2) Black by Primavera
3) Brown Blings by Guess
4) Stripes by Avon
5) Gold Clutch by Nose
6) Gold Sling by Avon
7) Black Clutch from Penang
8) Brown Clutch by Seed
9) Bronze Sling from Thailand
10) Blinged Sling from India
11) Red by Avon'
12) Pink & Black by Avon

12... Now that's not very much...

I've made a vow to not buy anymore handbags for the next 2 years and no more shoes for the next 1 year. I made this pledge with Kawan being my witness in early September 2010.

Progress Report: So far I have not felt any itch to add any more handbags or shoes to my collection. I survived a month and a half! =)