Wednesday, September 22, 2010

my shoes

Out of curiosity, my colleague had asked me the other day how many pairs of shoes I have. She has 3 in total. "3?!?! Only 3?!?!" I gasped in astonishment.

So we started listing down how many pairs I had. Since all my fingers and toes would not be enough to tally the numbers, we took out a piece of paper and started writing!

So, presenting you...

1) Black Work Shoes
2) Brown Work Shoes
3) White Flats
4) Pakistani Flats
5) Black Strappy Heels
6) Brown Strappy Heels
7) Green Strappy Heels
8) Purple Strappy Heels
10) White & Blue Sneakers
11) White & Red Sneakers
12) Grey Walking Shoes
13) Bronze Work Shoes
14) White & Black Sandals
15) Gold Dinner Sandals
16) Ipanema Sandals
17) Black Sandals
18) Knee High Boots
19) Purple Slippers
20) Batik Slippers
21) Butterfly Slippers

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

emo me

I've been getting all emotional lately, for reasons that would not usually affect me.


Emo me? Getting in touch with my more feminine side?

tick tock, tick tock...

After a long long time, I was chatting with Tava a couple of weeks back and here is the excerpt from the conversation:

me: so has your parents looked for a mappilai for you already?
mtava13: no la, they have been lazy...
me: which is good, right?
mtava13: hehe, yes! how bout u dear? when is the bell gonna ring?
me: the only ringing i hear is from my biological clock!
mtava13: lol
me: the more i hear it the more i start thinking nonsenses. so im turning a deaf ear now. hehe

So yea, I hear the ticking at the back of my head. It comes and goes. I pretend its my alarm call. Oh wait, I don't have an alarm clock.