Friday, August 6, 2010

my super sweet sixteen and p.i.m.p my ride!

Date: 24 July 2010
Time: 7.30pm
Place: Nathan's Residence, Klang

Purani's Sixteenth Birthday! She is 16! I am still coming in terms with that! Time sure flies. I remember her as a baby... puking all over me! And now she is 16!! Sweet 16!! And a sweet darling she sure is!

It was also Kavin's 15th birthday! OMG! That boy has grown up so fast!  My little baby a big grown man now. He is even sporting a moustache now!

that is the crowd... err.. i mean the family... 

actually its only half of the family... i wont blame you if you think that there was a General Election going on... 

 Purani's cake... gorgeous ain't it?! Baked by Thari. She takes orders as well for customised cakes. 

Kavin's cake. =)

A better view of Kavin's cake... Boys will be boys! 

No birthday celebration is complete in The Family if we do not embarass the birthday girl/boy. So Thari bought some masks and the Birthday Girl and Boy were to only come in dancing to a specific theme song chosen for them. Hehe.

after the kids had their fun with the mask, the parents wanted to try 'em on as well... 

Yup, both their parents...

hehe... like mother, like son eh?

Monday, August 2, 2010


U see those two by my side? One on the left and one on the right?

Those are my awesome-est, funniest, caring-est, and coolest cousins ever! Those two are the closest that I would ever be to having sisters!

We have shared many many times together:
times when we were bullied...

times we were just happy... and wet...

and times we were just plain dramatic...

Sometimes, we just like posing for pictures!

And... You know what... U see this one here:


She... is.... PREGGERS!!!

And you see this other one:


She... is.... also... PREGGERS!!!

OMG! Double whammy and I am gonna be an Aunt again.... And you can ask any kid at home and they will tell you that "AUNTY JO ROCKS!"