Wednesday, March 31, 2010

driving to work... hell!

Urgh. Im really losing my patience with Malaysian drivers. Scolding/cursing the other inconsiderate drivers used to be a weekly affair. Recently, that has become a daily affair.

I make it a point to follow all road rules and safety tips. Use your indicators when turning at junctions or changing lanes; do not jump queue; no matter now bad is the jam, do not use the emergency lane; if a certain car wants to change lane and is using their indicator, give them way (provided they were not jumping queue or using the emergency lane); do not jump the red light; use only designated areas to turn; among others.

So I do consider myself a rather considerate driver. I also try not to lose my patience on the road by the doings of others. Instead I try to keep calm and let this not spoil the start of my day.

Unfortunately, there is only so much you can be patient about! I especially cannot tolerate the obnoxious drivers who think they own the roads and will always have their way! Its even worse when they purposely drive in a way that jeopardises the safety of others on the road. I mean, if you do not care about your life, fine, that is your choice. But other people on the road actually do want to get home safe! Why dont they understand that? An accident is something that happens due to the carelessness or distraction of a driver. What do you call it when they purposely drive people off the road due to arrogance and inconsideration?

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

of men and shoes

Mad and I were having an interesting conversation the other day about meeting (the supposedly) right guy at the wrong time. Our conversation then drifted off to men, match making and... shoes shopping.

Mad: LOLz... U can expect to walk into a shoe shop and be able to fit or afford the pair you love, y'know?

Me: But at least there is a possibility of finding that one shoe that u fall immediately in love with; but if i don't even try shoe shopping, then I'm not even gonna have that possibility. Sometimes, u need a specific pair n u look for it high n low, but u cant seem to find that one that calls out to u, so u settle for the next best one.

Mad: Exactly, so at least you can walk in it until you get your dream pair.

Me: The fact is, when u need a pair of shoes, u need to go to the shoe shop.

Now... Finally, men are put in perspective!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Jes' Wedding

It was beautiful.

It didn't make me cry; but made me believe in possibilities.

It was a perfect opportunity to catch up with the Kerteh gang; we drank, we danced and we were merry.

Its been sometime since I was so involved in a wedding, it felt good. I cant seem to express the warm, fuzzy glow nor the fun and excitement. I will let the pictures say them all...


Thari - our main mehndi artist working on the bride's hand

Kavitha - our Junior Mehndi artist!

Kavitha concentrating hard on Sukvin's design

Sukvin all smile for the camera

Halfway through with the bride's hand design

End result - Sukvin

End result - Qi Hua

Design at the back of Jes' hands

Drawing the design on her fingers

As time was running out, we were simultaneously working on Jes' hands and legs


Thari & Qi Hua

Qi Hua & me

Kavi & Qi Hua

Jes & Qi Hua

L-R: Qi Hua, Thari, Arjun & me

Balvin & me wiping our sweats on Kavi's shawl after dancing the night away!

I've just realised that I only have the Mehndi party pics and the Sangeet night pics. Wedding pics - coming soon (hopefully)!