Thursday, February 18, 2010

angry angry me

I don't understand why am I always angry.

For any slightest reason.

I think I have forgotten how to be truly happy, worry-less, even for an hour.

Anger Management classes? Or perhaps kick-boxing classes??

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


...felt like a dream come true!

Finally, I have stepped foot into a country that always have intrigued me. China always gave me impression of tough love and it has always been a mystery to me.

I was first curious about China when I learned about the 7 Wonders of the World way back in primary school. The Great Wall - How in the world did they build it???

Of course the childish thoughts left me soon after as I made more Chinese friends. I thought it cant be all that different from Malaysia because we have Chinese people here too... Just that in China they have a 8km or so wall! Ahh... such childish ignorance.

China opening 'its door' became a big news a couple of years later. More and more stories about China came about. At the time when internet was not yet as essential as your morning cuppa, information was not readily available. I was yet again intrigued. Why was this news a hot news? Why is everyone talking about it?

I read more and slowly learned more about a country that was so mysterious to me. I learned Communism and Chinese silk.

In 1997, as a teenager dealing with "growing up" and "being cool", Hong Kong was handed over to China. Wow! What happened that people wanna be apart of this country. Questions and questions!

I curiosity of the most populated country in the world kept increasing. I really wanted to go have a look.

I decided on one mundane working day while researching about China, that some day I am definitely going to head there. I wanted to see for myself, how the people and the places of such a self-sufficient country were.


August 2009, Air Asia had a cheap ticket promotional. I, as usual, ignored it thinking its one of their marketing gimmick. Boss checked the tickets and exclaimed, "Its only 225 to Hangzhou (which is the airport city for Air Asia for Shanghai)!!!"

There and then, we made a decision that we are heading to China. A decision made within a day 6 months back had me realise my aspiration to visit China. =)