Tuesday, January 26, 2010

home is where the jam is...

And by jam here, I mean traffic jam!

Klang and its infamous jams. And I am going to go through that every single day starting tomorrow.

I am moving in with BaruMa. Last night would be the last time I sleep in Desa.

Somehow, moving to Klang makes me feel like I am moving to a whole new planet! Dont know why the anxiety!

Anyways, wish me luck braving through the the Klang Jam!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I'm meeting Kiddo tonight for some drinks. In case you are wondering, Kiddo is this college kid that I met when I was introduced to The Family. He was a mutual friend of theirs.

Yes, a college kid. Thus the name Kiddo.

Anyways, we went out a couple of times and he is a good company. But complicated. Looking back, I was kinda silly to have wanted him to be more matured. He was 23! What was I thinking?

Anyways, conversations with him has always been very natural and amusing. So some (non-alcoholic) beverages later would actually ease me up a bit. I've been really tensed with the move to Klang.

*oh gosh, how am I gonna survive Klang?*

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

from a dream to reality!


Finally!! Next week! Cant wait! =D

Monday, January 4, 2010

happy new year!


2010 - the numbers look good arranged together like this! I just noticed as I was typing the year out just now.

The new year weekend was simply crazy! Actually the partying started on Monday itself.

MONDAY (28 Dec)
I drove back from Ipoh in the morning. I was suppose to leave at 6.30am but ended up leaving at 7.00am because Mr Yong woke up late. He, of course, blamed it on the alarm clock instead.

By the end of the working day, I was craving for steamboat. I asked Marilyn whether she wanted to have steamboat for dinner, since once before our plans for steamboat dinner did not quite work out. After getting her excited, we called Lala to check what she was doing for dinner.

Soon we ended up asking everyone in the office whether they are up for a steamboat dinner. Uncle and Adrian also jumped at the idea. Uncle suggested steamboat in Klang. I wasn't too crazy about the idea, since the jam is known to be notorious after work down the Federal Highway to Klang.

After much coaxing about the jam, we relented and decided Klang steamboat it was!

Though there were some initially hick ups with the bridge being closed (creating a massive jam that seem to have lasted forever) and the shop being closed, we managed to overcome them all and had a sumptious dinner of steamboat in Klang... Of course with dinner came beer... ;-)

TUESDAY (29 Dec)
Yamcha with the Yamcha Gang!!!

Scott was down from Singapore and TD is back for good from Abu Dhabi (though TD actually came back more than a month back). We first had dinner at Carl's Jr in Mid Valley then headed to Spagetti Grill for Happy Hours! And trust me, the hours were definitely Happy!!!!!

It was nice meeting up with the gang since its been sometime since I met them all. Loads of alcohol + Loads of beer = A whole lot of fun!

Dinner and cocktails with Makiko!

Meeting up with her is always fun. We met up at Italliannies@ the curve. Later we headed back to her place because I was telling her about winter in Shanghai and Jes' Hen Night on Saturday.

I've borrowed her rather sexy skirt and a funky woolen shawl...

Work ended at 3pm.

I went off to Mid Valley to get my long johns and perhaps shop a bit for the needs of Shanghai.

I left KL after shopping close to 8pm heading down to Klang. Parents and Gundan are suppose to be in BaruMa's house waiting to have New Year Eve dinner together. I reached Klang only to find out that my parents cant make it because their car broke down! I was bummed! Sigh..

We made the best out of the situation, and went out for a quick dinner. It was a rather quiet New year eve with random things happening and nothing like how we planned it to be.

FRIDAY (1 Jan)
The day passed by rather quickly and at night I had Jes' Hen Night to attend. That was wild!!!!

Dressed up as naughty school girls, we hit Changkat Bukit Bintang in white school blouse, short skirt, panty hose, fishnet stockings, heels corsets, neck ties and nametags with kinky names! WOW! I was impressed... The things we do in the name of friendship! =)

Lunch was at BabyMa's place. The whole family gathered and it was such a ruckus. Got together with my cousins and played galah panjang, fire and ice, lumba lari among other outdoor games.

I cant remember the last time I played Galah Panjang!!! We went back into the house and then played :Chap Cili". Oh Gosh! What fun!

The year is turning out pretty well... I like!