Thursday, December 31, 2009

the last day of the year

*pejam celik pejam celik*

Its already the 31st of December!

And the last day of 2009 feels exactly the same as as any other day. =S

I pray for a better year ahead... Give me the same amount of hardship if u wish but more strength to deal with it. I will not fear the choices life has to offer, but I need the wisdom to make the right ones. More importantly, give me tolerance and patience mostly to deal with those who do not enjoy the benefits of a full mental capacity.

Continue to bless me with the people I cross paths with that makes a different in my life, in the nicest way. I know I am blessed in this sense. I've met some of the nicest people this year. People who make you want to believe simple because you can.

HAPPY NEW YEAR and have a blessed year ahead! =)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

where the #&*$ is my happy ending???


I am so pissed with myself for no particular reason.

*stomps feet*

How is it that I try and try and give my best in whatever I do and I do not get the satisfaction I crave?

Monday, December 14, 2009

the year it has been!

Its December already!

And Im at a point, where my life is completely messed up!

The weirdest thing is that despite all that happened, Im smiling. This is weird, this is not me. Im the one who rants and raves and worries like there is no tomorrow. I've always known myself to be that!

And now, with all things that been happening (mostly unhappy), Im still smiling and being thankful for the lil' blessing that had come my way.

Wow! Im impressed; with myself! Im not the bitter bitch anymore it seems. When I told myself that I've gotta live a little more in the beginning of this year, I didnt know how I was gonna do it.

That was my new year resolution. And despite the rocky beginning and the not-so-great ending, it turned out to be a rather fulfilling year. 2009 will remain as the year that I learned to relax a little and not to worry so much. A year that I've learned the pain of loving and losing. A year that reminded me that no matter how good your intentions are, some jokers will misconstrue it for their own benefits.

I've also decided that I'm gonna party so hard on 31st of December. Not because I'm eager to welcome 2010, but to give the apt farewell to 2009 that it deserves.

*smiles... and a little giggle* ;-)