Tuesday, September 29, 2009

thosh's birthday!

Date: 25 September 2009 (Friday) - her actual birthday is on 26 September!
Venue: Velvet, Zouk

It was fun! Its been sometime since I met the whole Disneyland gang... I was in-charge of the camera... and I was happily clicking away! I am not known for my photography skills though, namely because I have shaky hands and am (just a bit) short...

Anyways, decided to post up the pics instead!

Wayne and Suren heating up the Dancefloor


Prabz being Goofy

Joseph, Mac, Suren and Wayne

Billy, me and Thosh

Joseph, Ralph and Prem

Thosh and fren

Prem and me

Monday, September 28, 2009

good bye, fantasy...


I only remember this being a sad day... I never wanted Phuket to end. Perhaps it has provided me an escape to my rather boring, mundane and discontented life. Im not saying its the right way of life... but indeed it was one heck of an experience.

Phuket will always have a special place in my heart.

Ok, enough of sentiments now... time to plan the next trip! GOA HERE I COME! =)

of cheap tom yums and tequila shots!


We took our time to wake up... It was nearly impossible to wake up especially when I was convinced that a rat had knocked down the heavy chandelier on my head before dying in my mouth. The consequences of too much whiskey, vodka and tequila shots!

Day 3 was for going around town. We hired a driver and there were 4 activities we were to cover:
1) Visiting the Big Buddha
2) Visiting Wat Chalong
3) Jalan-jalan in Phuket town
4) Elephant Trekking

Visiting the Big Buddha
The feeling of going into the grounds of the temple is unexplainable. You get this very calm over feeling as you step into the temple itself. The funny thing is that this temple is not at all quiet. It was bustling with lotsa activities and with people from all over wanting to catch the biggest Buddha in SEA in the making.
I walked right up to the top. I prayed... It felt good. =)

Visiting Wat Chalong
Wat Chalong was simply gorgeous! It stood so majestically as we made our way into the main building. I saw a whole bunch of people from all walks of life trying to get their fortune read. Its the Buddhist fortune sticks. There will be a canister filled with numbered sticks. We will have to shake the canister until only one stick falls out. We will have to check the number and then collect the piece of paper with the corresponding number. And that number will reveal our fortune.

I tried it.

I picked up the paper was written in Thai. Such anti-climax! I brought the paper back though, just in case i meet someone who can read Thai and speak English fluently. *wink*

Jalan-jalan in Phuket Town
We drove into Phuket town. However, as it was a Sunday, there were very less people around as most shops were closed. We went to this place called Phuket Square and were just window shopping.

Our stomach was getting the better of us and in no time we were walking around looking for a place to eat. We found the food court. The menu for lunch: Som Tom for appetizer, white rice, tom yam kung, kangkung stir fried, egg omelet and 4 fresh fruit juices. We had a sumptuous lunch indeed! The bill: 270baht, for all that!

We had to cut our Jalan-jalan in Phuket Town short because we wanted to make it on time to the elephant trekking.

Elephant Trekking
I know for a fact that I will never ever do this again. I know elephants are strong animals and in no way I mean to insult their strength. But I cant bear the thought of sitting on another life being, it taking you on a trail into the jungle. Oh well, thank God I wasn't born in the era of the brave Rajas or Kings that travelled majestically on elephants. I would have died of guilt. I know, I know... I am weird in some ways.

Coming back to the elephant trekking - it was quite an experience! It was scary in the beginning because you are sitting on a elephant, several meters above the ground, on a "chair", without seat belts. The image of the elephant running wild and me falling off, with the elephant accidentally trampling all over me and me coming to my unfortunate death in Thailand kept popping out on my mind. *Jo knocks head hard on table* I mean come on, I cant die like that... because, 1) Im too young to die; and 2) It would be a silly story to tell when I meet other waiting at the gate of Heaven, when they ask, "How did u get here?"

The elephant we sat on was female. He name is Sha Noy, which apparently means "Little Girl". Hehe. How ironic eh?

Anyways, after Elephant Trekking, we headed back to the hotel, went to the beach, and came back to the hotel pool after the sun has set.

Apparently there was a wedding reception at the hotel that we were staying at and we were sure creating quite a ruckus at the pool! We tried to keep it as quiet as possible but imagine a bunch of four girls, slightly tipsy, naturally loud, on a holiday! But you gotta give us credit for trying!

After the being chased out of the pool by the security guad because apparently the ppol was undergoing chemical cleaning. I still doubt the truth of it. I think they had purposely put up that board just to get us out of the pool area... Conspiracy, conspiracy...

After getting dressed up again to hit the clubs, we were on our way... Happy happy tipsy girls!

That night I had about 5 tequila shots... All memories of what happened after the last shot was never recollected.... *wink*

Phi Phi Island and beyond...


I crawled out of bed at 6.45am. The van is to pick us up at 7.45am and we are to be off for Island hopping. We were suppose to be out for having breakfast by 7.15am. However, knowing us, we only got out of the room close to 7.30am. We gobbled down as much as we can in that 15minutes and we in the look out for any tourist van.

As we were getting in, we saw 2 gorgeous looking men waiting to get in too. Having the liberty of being completely single, I quickly said, "I chup the one in red and blue!" According to the code of sisterhood, who should see first, should claim first and the others should respect this. Anyways, the others were not all that single.

In the Van; Photo courtesy of the Red & Blue Man

We made another couple of stops before we made our way to Chalong Bay. We picked a couple from Impiana Cabana Phuket Hotel and 2 other men from the Marriott. Of course having us in the van, it was impossible for them to have any quiet moment what-so-ever. Don't ask me what were we talking and giggling about, but at 8 in the morning, it did seem like there was a lot to.

Finally we reached Chalong Bay, and we were briefed by Bobby, our tour/island guide. Bobby was a funny fellow and soon immediately we were friends. As we made our way to the designated speed boat, the 2 gorgeous men was heard whispering behind us, "They are in the same boat with us!" Though I would like to believe they said that out of excitement, but Jes swears that she heard a tinge of disgust in their voices. Oh well, who said i cant be hopeful??

Chalong Bay

There was a whole bunch of people from all over the world in the same speed boat with us, but you could only hear 4 voices of girls. I don't know about you, but when I am on a holiday, I make sure I make the most of it! I try to find humour in everything and as they say, how you react to things could make all the difference. The boat ride is about 1 hour and the way I see it - I had to choices: 1) Be all proper and bear the unpleasant bumpy ride in silence, or 2) Talk, laugh, enjoy nature and take pictures in order to ease your mind off the potential of being sea sick.

On the Boat

Our first stop was Maya Bay. Boy, was I happy to see the shore! The sea was very rough and though usually I do not get nauseated, I did feel it then. The situation did not help with a bunch of them throwing up in the boat. We jumped out of the boat, found a place to put our things and jumped into the water. The water was so blue! Too bad the water was not exactly very clean with floating leaves and twigs. Maya Bay ended too soon... We could hear Bobby calling, "Boat 19! Boat 19! Come back!"

At Maya Bay

The next stop was Loh Samah Bay, there we only stopped to take some pictures of the caves and the greenery. After that, we had a short trip passing the Viking Caves and also the Monkey Bay. The tide was high at the Monkey bay thus we could not get off the boat and see the monkeys. We did however, stay on the boat and feed the monkeys. I am not sure though which species were more amused of the other... *wink*

Viking Cave

Monkey Bay!

Shortly after the circus show, we headed to Phi Phi Don for lunch. I had to rush to look for a washroom once I got down from the boat and told the others that I will see them in the restaurant. When I got to the restaurant, guess who I was to sit beside? Red and Blue Gorgeous Man! Apparently, we were suppose to sit according to our van number and the other 3 have reserved the seat beside him for me! Oh, how thoughtful... *giggles*

We made small talks at the table. The couple from Phuket Cabana completely ignored us. I guess we made her feel insecure? *jo inflated ego speaks again

The men from Marriott are from USA. The Asian looking one is based in Bangkok (his name is Steve) and the other one is his boss who is on holidays (Joe). They were pretty friendly and then Kavi asked the Gorgeous Men where were they from and they replied - Barcelona! Espanyol! It was also then when we realised they were not very good in English... And I don't speak Spanish except for Mis Tres Hermanes and Yo Soy Betty La Feya. I don't think a couple of Spanish drama names are gonna impress them. So there goes any hope of bringing my mom a souvenir from Phuket in the form of a son-in-law. =(

After lunch, we went on to another bay (which I cant remember the name) and we did some snorkeling. Its my first time doing snorkeling away from the shore. I will not deny that I was very afraid... But at the same time, I thought that I've done and experienced so much, wont i regret if I dont do this?

The experience was awesome!! It took me some time to adjust with the life jacket and the mask, but when I was calm enough, I really didnt want to come out of the water! The fishes were practically just beside me!

First Snorkelling Experience

The fishes

The snorkeling session ended too soon and we were on the boat again of to our next destination. The last destination was somewhat disappointing, because 1) Its more for snorkeling and seeing the corals; 2) no waves; 3) no shade; 4) things were exorbitantly priced. I basically slept that one hour there.

We reached Chalong Bay around 5.30pm, all darker and tired. Jes and I were together and we somehow lost Thari and Kavi. Jes and I found our driver and so we went to the van first. The Phuket Cabana couple had taken our seats, so me being me, jumped in the front beside the driver, turned around to the back and told everyone, "Unfortunately for you guys, I am the self elected tour guide!"

Self elected tour guide

Coming back from the trip, we dropped our stuff off and went for a massage. Initially we had wanted to come back, get dressed and head out for dinner. But after the massage, my infamous stomach was already hungry. That night we decided to have seafood for dinner at a nearby fancy restaurant. Oh my! What a meal! =)

After dinner, we headed back to the room to shower and get all dressed up to party all night long! And trust me, all night long was how we partied...

Friday, September 25, 2009


I am just so tired... So tired... =(

I want nothing more in the world right now than to be adored... and pampered.

I miss home. I miss Papa a lot. =(
Papa always knew how to make me feel better. I wish Papa was here. I dunno how to deal with this.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

like never i've experienced before...


WOW! Thats what I've been replying to everyone who had asked me, "How was Phuket?"

Simply WOW! The honest truth is that I don't want to come back. Not until the surrealism fades away. I felt like the morning after I dreamt I was running away from an evil beast in a jungle with Takeshi Kaneshiro beside me, holding my hand. I had that dream long long time back (I think I was 14!), but the memories of it remains vivid up till today.

That's how I feel about Phuket. Surreal.

The morning that I was leaving there was a rush! I woke up at 4am and was suppose to be at Raj's place by 5am. That should not have really been a problem have I had packed and asked for directions to his place the night before. Nope, knowing me, I went out for a quickie dinner with The Boss. Only the quickie dinner lasted till about 10.30pm with a couple of bottles of wine. Tipsy me detoured to say good bye to Kawan at Bangsar. I finally reached home past 11pm feeling exhausted and slightly tipsy. Sleep, sleep, sleep was all I could think of.

Jumping out of bed, frantically showering and packing did not go too well with the lack of sleep and the wine from last night. We left Raj's house at 5.30pm, giggling like a bunch of school girls all the way to the airport. And guess what?! Thari made a last minute decision and decided to join us!

As we got closer to the airport, the situation was not really very funny anymore. Our flight was at 0725hours and at 0630hours we still have not reached LCCT. When we finally did reach, I jumped out of the car and ran to the check in counter. The girls brought my bags in with them while I tried to check us in. We managed to get in 45minutes before the flight left.

At Raj's House: Kavi, Jes, Thari, me

As we were Boarding the Flight

View of Phuket from the plane

I had pinched myself a couple of times when we reached Phuket International Airport just to make sure I am really there. I dont want to wake up only to find a bruise on my left arm from the pinching!

We reached the Patong Bay Garden Resort at about 9.30am. We were told that our room was not ready. So we dropped off our luggage at the hotel and happily wandered the morning streets... =)

Our Welcome Board

Patong Beach!

We walked up and down. I guess we were hoping for some Mamak stall or some Kopitiam to be open, serving us steaming hot noodles and coffee. We could have walked all we wanted, but to no avail. So we were down to either the Fancy Coffee House, McDonald's or Subway. The interesting was that Subway did not serve coffee! Blasphemy! NO COFFEE!! The Fancy Coffee House served awesome smelling coffee, but their breakfast options were all sweet, like pancakes and muffin. So we had to head down to the old faithful McD! Never to have let me down no matter which part of the world I am!

Sawadee Krap Ronald

We checked in after breakfast and rested in the room. We decided that we would like to see the Simon Cabaret that night and to take the Island hopping trip the next day.

After lunch we had a massage each by the sea. It was an unforgettable experience. The waves, the relaxed feeling, the kneading of the muscles... *sigh*

By the Beach

We were booked for Simon Cabaret that night, so after a quick dip in the sea and then the hotel room, we got dressed to the nines all ready!

Simon Cabaret was very very nice. Kudos to the effort they had put in. The costume and the props were elaborate. And the Ladyboys... My, my, what can I say about the them. They were simply stunning! There was one who looked like Barbie!

Outside Simon Cabaret

After the show, we headed back to the Patong Beach area to dinner. It was already after 12 by the time we got done and Kavi was sleeping on the dinner table! She was mumbling in her sleep about a man that had come to the office to ask for donation. When we probed further, she woke up and asked, "Did we find the horse?" Hahahaha... Horse??? What horse? That girl must have been really sleepy and tired.

Our night ended after a unsuccessful search for massage parlours that were open past midnight. Me and my sleep problem... I only ended up sleeping at about 2.30am while everyone was already dreaming of Phi Phi Island!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Phuket this friday!

Finally! I've not felt so excited over something in a long long time!


I am going there with Kavi & Jes. Thari was suppose to come but due to some complication, she cant make it. =(

We planned this somewhere in March/ April and after such a long wait, we are going there this Friday. Our flight is at 0725hours. I am so excited I dont think I will be able to sleep that night! We are gonna be there till Monday and we will be taking the last flight out on Monday! Will be reaching LCCT at about 2345.

Too bad I will be missing Raya but Raya right now is not so much of a priority compared to taking my long overdue break.

Now, I gotta go plan my packing list! =)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


~Someone told me long ago, there's a calm before the storm, I know, its been coming for some time...
I wanna know, have you ever seen the rain, coming down on a sunny day...~

I stared at the screen thinking how to put into words all that I am feeling right now. I dont know why but this song kept playing in my head all the while. I have so much I wanna say, so much I wanna do, so many emotions I wanna show... But nothing, nothing is coming out. I feel so STUCK!

I feel a whirlpool of energy inside me, waiting to burst! But outwardly, I look lifeless.

How do I get over these feelings? Is it time for a break? Away from work, partying, people, traffic, family and friends?

Boss did ask me something though, "Should you take a break, what you want to achieve from it?" Wait a minute, you mean even at a break there is something I got to achieve? Have I not strived to achieve all I can while trying to achieve all I can on a daily basis? Do I have to achieve something on a break as well?

Upon further pondering, I realised that what he meant is that by taking a break, would I really feel un-stuck? What will make me feel un-stuck?

A thought... for me to ponder further... (Yes, yes, I know. How typical of me?)

taking yam cha to the next level (day 2)

I realised while browsing through my past post that I never got to writing about Day 2 of the trip to Cameron Highland. And guess what? Now Im completely uninspired to write about it.

However, let me sum up Day 2. Basically, we got up all excited over scones. Yes, scones... I so wanted to have tea and scones for breakfast. I am going to blame that craving on my childhood ideals of being very British by having a 'cappa' tea... *wink*

So, we checked out, took more pictures around the resort and headed out to Brinchang town to find a shop that sells English Breakfast! We stuffed ourselves with Scones, Jam, Cream, Bacon, Toast, Sausages among others.

With that the trip is complete. We were ready to leave. Of course we had to stop to buy more strawberries for the journey home... =)