Monday, July 27, 2009

taking yam cha to the next level (day 1)

25 July 2009, 4.10am
Raja wakes Jo up by sounding all cheery... Jo checks time and groans. Was not suppose to be awake yet... 10 more mins, 10 more mins..

25 July 2009, 4.20am
Jo jumps out of bed. Frantically gets ready and packs. Makes mental note to pack the night before, but consoles self saying its impossible to find enough energy to pack at 2am the night before after seafood in Port Klang. Makes mental note (again!) to come back early the night before a long trip.

25 July 2009, 4.45am
(Viva La Vida ringing tone) "Jo, come down. I'm here..."
Jo grabs bags and keys and heads out. Stood near the shoe rack contemplating between sneakers or sandals.

25 July 2009, 5.00am
"Anesh! Good Morning! We are around the corner! Come down!"
"Hey, ok, ok. Give me 2 mins! Let me grab the CDs from my car"

25 July 2009, 5.08am
Anesh's 2 minutes have become 8 minutes. Still no sign of Anesh.

25 July 2009, 5.20am
Jo needs Milo n water to soothe her stomach. Beer from the night before not digested. Pit-stopped at 7-11. Jo calls AJ to inform her that the Gang is on the way.

25 July 2009, 5.45am
Picks AJ up. Cant miss AJ, especially with her bright pink handbag... AJ gets into the car groaning.

25 July 2009, 6.00am
The Gang hits the toll gate. Raja stories the others about getting the keys to the new house. The others start making plans about playing PS2/3/XBox in the new house with the 50inch TV. Jo dozes off. Obviously 2 hours of sleep is not sufficient.

25 July 2009, 7.15am
The gang reaches Tapah toll gate. Jo wakes up all bright and breezy! Raja stops car at an ol' skool Chinese coffee shop. Yummy noodles, steaming MSG free soup, fish balls and Anesh's second round later, cam-whoring begins... And so did the weekend for the Gang!

The coffee shop in Tapah

25 July 2009, 7.45am
Journey uphill began. Cameron Highland - Here we come! Along the way, Anesh mistaken a dragon fruit tree for a banana tree. A complete failure! City kids these day.. tsk, tsk, tsk.

25 July 2009, 8.30am
Morning refreshment served at the Tea Shop. Hot Masala Tea and awesome view.

The Teashop

25 July 2009, 8.50am
Waterfall excites the Gang. Stop at Lata Iskandar waterfall and took more pictures... The air was so fresh, crisp and cool...

25 July 2009, 9.30am
2nd mid morning refreshment at Healthy Strawberry Farm. The gang binged on 2 packets of strawberries and strawberry ice cream. Yummy, yummy, yummy!

Healthy Strawberry Farm

25 July 2009, 10.00am
"Eeeewww... Is that our hotel??! Y does it look so run down?? N so mahal!!" (pointing at Equitorial). The Gang decides that Equatorial is not good enough for the n thus the Hotel Hunt began

The not-so-impressive Equitorial

25 July 2009, 10.30am
Still driving up and down. Checked out Casa Dela Rosa, De La Ferns, some other hotels that we cannot recall and Strawberry Park Resort.

25 July 2009, 11.15am
Gang sitting outside Casa Dela Rosa contemplating which hotel should they choose. They are too spoilt to actually check into anything close to dodgy looking. "Does it have a spa?" Ahh... the determining factor. Strawberry Park Resort it is!

Strawberry Park Resort =)

25 July 2009, 11.45am
The gang checks into Strawberry Park Resort. Jo and Alison studies the Spa packages and price lists... Raja plans the rest of the day out and suggests places to visit. Others are agreeable. simply because 1) Raja is the Cameron pro (born and bred there); 2) others are too lazy to think

25 July 2009, 12.30pm
Yummy yummy lunch... Western food. Jo wants durian. After much coaxing, all decided we should save durian for supper.

25 July 2009, 2.30pm

25 July 2009, 3.30pm
*more snores*
*spa plans soon forgotten*

25 July 2009, 4.30pm
"Guys, is anyone else hungry?" Gang heads out for tea. Having one and a half malayalees in the gang, teatime becomes mandatory.
Tea menu: Roti canai, teh tarik, cheese tarts, apple tarts, strawberry tarts...

25 July 2009, 6.30pm
Gang heads off to steamboat dinner. Gets stuck in a jam! Yes, a jam in Cameron, due to the Pasar Malam. Gang spots durian sellers. Makes mental reminder about supper.

25 July 2009, 8.00pm
*burp* Sumptuous steamboat dinner! Gang eat like pigs. Momentary memory lapse of all diets. Heads out to Pasar Malam.

Steamboat Dinner

25 July 2009, 8.15pm
AJ buys corn; Anesh gets Appam Balik; Raja buys yam... Jo saves stomach for durian.

25 July 2009, 8.30pm
Durian shop found. Raja is elected as the designated durian expert. Picks 3 fruits. Jo savours them. Anesh stands far far away taking more pictures.

25 July 2009, 9.00pm
Raja has an awesome idea about Gunung Brinchang. The others agrees eagerly as Raja is after all the Cameron expert.

25 July 2009, 9.30pm
The drive up Gunung Brinchang began. No one imagined at that time that it was going to be the longest 20minutes of their life!

25 July 2009, 9.50pm
Many narrow paths and sharp corners laters, the Gang steps out of the car white-knuckled.
*Brrrrr... freezing*
*more cam-whoring*

25 July 2009, 10.10pm
*Drive down*
Journey seems shorter. Everyone is drowning in their own thoughts, surrounded by darkness and the revving of the engine.

Cam-whoring at Gunung Brinchang

25 July 2009, 10.30pm
Room Sweet Room. Half bottle of wine.
Gang got down to toasting our rather successful Cameron/ Yam Cha trip, amidst Rambo on TV and absolute tiredness on our faces.

25 July 2009, 11.450pm
zzzzz.... *snores*
zzzzz.... *more snores*

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

the hair adventure...

"Make me feel beautiful!" (grin)

He smiled sweetly. Caressed my hair and asked, "Cut and colour?"

My trip to my hairdresser has always been an adventure. I am not an adventurous person, but when it comes to my hair, I throw all caution to the wind. The hair adventure started when I was 19. My first attempt was to bleach my hair. It was a very very light shade of brown and eventually it faded to blonde.

The following year, I had like the smallest curls. I permed my whole head and looked like Bob Marley's sister. I wore that funky look with pride for one whole year. When the curls started to grow out and when maintenance got really expensive, I chopped them all and spotted a bob! 3 years in Uni and all 3 years I had a different hairdo.

My bob grew... And I was working by then. I decided to keep a longer hairdo. Many trips to my aunt's hairdresser later, (I was staying in Sunway at that time with my aunt) we decided the layered look suited me the best. Of course, I had to throw in some highlights.

And then I moved out and moved on to a professional salon. That's how my love affair with my current stylist started. =)

He gave me the most gorgeous layers I've ever seen on me... I love the way he runs his fingers through my hair and gives me the look deciding whether to trim a bit or to chop off a whole chunk... and my long fringes, parted to the side, as they curl just slightly at the end, to give a very chic feel to it.

Basically for the next two years, I kept to the layers, sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. My natural waves tend to stand out and give my hair the curly look at the tips. Ahhh... pure bliss. Especially since the look is effortless. I am not a person to wash my hair with 5 different shampoos and then cleanse and condition and mask and moisturise! Please! I have a life to live and the world to conquer! Cant be spending precious moments on doing things to my hair when they all seem to me are the same things!

And I quit my job one day. I went to my hairdresser and told him to chop it all off! It has to go! I'm done with the length that reaches right down below my bra strap. I want something short! Really short!

He calmed me down, offered me some tea, and reasoned out with me why I can't do Halle Berry in James Bond.
"The pixie cut won't work. Different hairstyles suit different shapes of face better. So, let's not do something drastic, ok?"

Fine, I settled for shoulder length do which emphasized on my waves... Woohoo... And that too grew into a forest and eventually, the layers came back... with long flirty fringes (whatever that means... =P)

Last Saturday, I decided to cut and colour. I wanted something drastic. Multi layer highlights! Ashen, brown, blonde - all in one! And tada! I quite like the outcome. Its much shorter though... and with short fringes swept to the side... Pictures, pictures.. soon... =)

Manchester United in Malaysia

Yes, yes, I did go and watch that match!! Stadium Bukit Jalil on 18 July 2009.

I braved the sweltering heat, the crazy crowd, and the traffic jam! OMG!!! Parking was such a nightmare that I had given up and had left my car in the middle of the traffic light near IMU. Just like that. Then, of course I prayed that no one would come and kiss the bumper of my darling Bumblebee.

I am not a Man U fan, so you might be wondering what I was doing there... I was there to support the Malaysian team! Yeay! Out of the total crowd of 70,000 people, only a about 5% were Malaysian supporters =(.

I've watched football matches in a stadium before, usually the Malaysian league matches, but this experience was completely different! The exhiliration and the adrenaline rush simply from sitting at the benches watching the players... Unexplainable!

I must thank Sailor Uncle though. If it was not for that drunken party at his house, the idea of watching this match would not come around, nor materialise. And of course, his good judgement after all that shots had resulted in him paying for the tickets! See, sometimes, the best decisions made are decisions made after a drying out a bottle of wine! *wink

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Simple Needs for the deserving children

Host : Stepping Stones Living Center
Type : Causes - Fundraiser
Date : Saturday, 25 July 2009
Time : 13:00 - 15:00 hours
Location: Stepping Stones Living Center, Taman Seputeh, Kuala Lumpur

Every two months we will raise up funds and collect groceries for the home.We plan to raise up MYR1K for this charity drive.

If anyone would like to entertain the children at the home you are welcome.It will be a half day activity around 2pm.

I will post more details and please feel free to ask.

We are focusing to collect funds and sponsorships for the homes. There are two categories of sponsors;
1. Corporate Sponsor
2. Individual Sponsor

Donation and sponsors could be in terms of monetary or items;

1. Daily food products;
For example, sardine, eggs, milk, Milo, condensed milk, salt, sugar, cooking oil and etc.

2. New clothes for the children;
Personalised donation for children clothes can be done during the “Year End Need” program.

3. Family day in the Stepping Stones Homes.
Sponsoring a lunch at the home where sponsors will meet the children and have interactive sessions.

4. Basic toiletries
Soaps, shampoos, soap powder, tooth brush & tooth paste, towels, detergents, mops, brooms.

5. Sponsoring trips for the children

6. Stationery and books

Donations can be made at;
Stepping Stones Living Center
Account Number: 120970010022122 Alliance Bank

(posted initially bu Suresh K -