Friday, March 27, 2009

and they lied to me again...

P/S: I love you... did not make me cry!

Autumn and Winter have read it before and they were pretty sure that this is one book which would move me to tears. They were... Since, after all, the movies that were recommended all failed. When I told mom that I was reading it, even she said, "Oh that is a very nice book... Touched me... Made me cry..."

But I guess I can't compare mom and me. Mom is this soppy person who feels things and believes in love and dreams about fairy tale endings... I can't blame her though... She did have her 1942 Love Story-Bollywood-drama-fairy-tale. At 18, she met Papa. Papa was a Christian, so of course when Nambiar Tata (Mom's Dad) found out, he went berserk! Of course not! The daughter of a pious-pray-3-times-a-day-Hindu man who wears a
poonal getting married to a Christian boy?!?! In the 1970s, that was unheard of.

Nambiar Tata: *gasp! A christian boy?! No... U will get married to a nice Hindu boy. We will find for u! No kathal, kathal all...
Mom: *hand over her mouth crying. No... If its not him, I will never get married...
NT: What!?!? You talking back now!? Listen to your parents.
Mom: Ok... *still crying. I will not see him again. But i won't marry anyone else... *runs off to her room, crying on the bed...

So anyways, after much contemplation, NT decide to meet up with Papa.

NT: So, you are the Christian boy... Hhmm... *would twist his mustache, if he had one.
Papa: Yes... I love your daughter and want to marry her...
NT: Ahh... But you are of a different religion! I cannot accept that. My mappilai will only be a Hindu.
Papa: I will be a Hindu then... I shall convert
(this is when the jeng, jeng, jeng music plays)

And Mom and Papa has been happily married for 28 years and they have a gorgeous darling of a daughter and a normal son.

**The above conversation is a figment of the author's imagination. The author is pretty sure that should her Mom ever finds out that she made a parody out of her mom's love life she will not be accepted at home. =P

~Amor Vincit Omnia! So of course Mom believes in love and fairy-tale endings... She had hers... And she is now believing for me... She is very sure that I would find my Christian-boy-who-is-willing-to convert and live happily ever after. I might not believe, but at the rate that my mom believes, I am amused to know the outcome... I hope its not another lie... *wink

Monday, March 23, 2009

selamat siang!

Jakarta... was very nice.

Despite the crazy traffic, I totally enjoyed myself. The food there was simply awesome. We stayed at the Ritz and was just engulfed in luxury. =)

The event went very well. This is the first event, in the many years that I have been producing, that started at 8.30am! It was scheduled to start at 9am and registration was at 8.30am. However, the delegates started coming in as early as 8am, and by 8.30am, everyone was seated in the room, ready for the training to start.

Carl, our trainer, was as sweet as ever. As he himself is an Indonesian, he was very willing to recommend tasty delicacies o us. Thanks, Carl! Oh, and I bought back batik! Lots of it. The designs are just so gorgeous that I couldn't help myself.

All in all, both the trip and the event was very good... And then, Murphy got jealous. Murphy thought, "How can I let this be a perfect trip and event?" And Murphy schemes...

You see, we were scheduled to land at 2320hours. Just as we were flying over the coast of Malacca, we had turbulence. Like real scary ones! The bad weather and the air pockets made the flight very uncomfortable. At one point, when the plane went through another air pocket, you could hear people gasping out loud. That was how bad it was.

We finally did land at 2345hours. We took our things and waited. And waited. And waited some more... It rained. Very heavily. Damn Murphy! And Air Asia did not have enough umbrellas. So we were stuck in that plane for 45minutes!

So, you can guess - the trip started off awesome and was awesome... and since Murphy got jealous, i ended up getting home close to 3am, wet and hungry. =(

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

i must learn to love the fool in me...

“I must learn to love the fool in me, the one who feels too much, talks too much, takes too many chances, wins sometimes and loses often, lacks self-control, loves and hates, hurts and gets hurt, promises and breaks promises, laughs and cries”
-A quote sent over by Nosh-

Nosh sent over this quote today. It struck a chord...

It had hit a raw nerve. Coming to think about it, I am living in extremes now. Its either I have minimal reactions (some may call it
numb) or I have all these raw nerves running around that even I do not know when one will be hit...

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

sad movies always makes me cry

When was the last you cried?? Like really really cried???

There is a knot in my chest and after many hours of thinking about it over a couple of jugs of beer, I concluded that all I need was a good cry. This was about 3 weeks back. My wise friends and colleagues suggested that I should watch a soppy movie and I will then cry my heart out.

So we went running down a list of movies that had made them cry - like Titanic, Armageddon, Shindler's List, Brave Heart - all of which that I didn't cry for... Nube2.0 came in last week and suggested that I should watch Seven Pounds, the new Will Smith movie - that would definitely make me cry. So there I was in GSC Pavillion, convincing my other uni mates that we should watch Seven Pounds instead of Valkyrie. "My colleague said that this would definitely make me cry", I said only to be glared at. "I am on a weird quest to find a movie that would make me cry", I had to explain.

The credits rolled two hours later. I turned over to my friend and asked him, "When do I start crying?" Well, I guess Nube2.0 was wrong. Nope, even Will Smith looking hot, dying didn't move me to tears. Sigh...

I am not entirely unemotional. I remember crying long long time back, watching Dying Young. Julia Roberts and Scott Campbell. The first time I watched it, I was 14. And I did cry. I am not too sure whether I completely understood the complexity of love back then, but in my innocence I did cry watching it.

Thus my quest continues... Any suggestions, people?

Friday, March 6, 2009

the girls...

Its been sometime since the four of us met up. The last time the four of us got together was for Christmas 2007. We had our own lil' dinner cum gift exchange party. That was so fun. That was also the nite we bid our farewells to Autumn who was then leaving to another country. I still remember Summer, Winter and I were putting together a picture collage for her to take along...

Very sweet memories indeed...

Anyways, the four of us met up at Delicious Bangsar. Apparently, Winter and Autumn had made dinner plans initially and at the beginning of the week, we each had reasons to celebrate... So we collaborated both the events and that's how we met up again after more than a year since the Xmas dinner.

None of them has changed much. Life, might have changed a lot for all of us. Winter, Autumn, and I have, after all, left the Disneyland where we worked and met at. The journey after Disneyland had taken us to various places with various directions, but its very comforting to know that all of them are only a phone call (and most of the time, an email) away. Whether its a crisis at work, or meeting a new guy, or having a bad hair day, there is no news that would not have passed them first. *hugz to all three of them

I didnt realise how much I missed them until that nite in Bangsar when we were saying our goodbyes. Summer had a date after that and Winter had to rush home. Autumn was 'thirsty', so after doing some banking work at PJ State, Autumn and I came back to Bangsar to have a drink and reminisce... =)

We might have our own different views in many issues. And we do get on each others nerves at times... We are after all four very strong, opinionated and independent young ladies. As Shawn had once described us - Air dicincang tak akan putus. Hope what he said wil remain true...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the beginning

I know... After 2 weeks of thinking of a name for this blog, finally the blog is up and running. I've been giving the name much thought. It has to scream - ME! Suggestions came from all over; my friends, my colleagues, my family... Some of the suggestions include: choco-maniac, following breadcrumbs, red hammer (don't ask!), pink screwdriver. Really now... Nothing screams - ME! As i was lamenting away on how uninspired I am, it struck me... Joshini.Uninspired. Nice...

When I was in Form 2, my English teacher had forced us to keep a journal. We were suppose to write down at least 3 entries a week. This was to foster good writing habits among us and to improve our English. Well, Pn Lee will be happy to know that at least she has one success story in me. What started out as a chore became a habit that stayed on all the way till I graduated from Uni.

I used to write when I was happy, sad, excited; about boys, plans, exams, parties and even funerals. All my emotions and any event that happened in life were documented.
I dunno why I stopped writing back then. Somehow after Uni, I did not have the privacy nor the personal space to write, and this habit just died off. I used to write just to vent out my feelings and that had actually helped me manage whatever lil' stress i had. Nowadays, I'm so wound up, I am ready to snap at the slightest chance.

So now I've decided - I shall write again. Write to my hearts content... Write my happiness and excitement to cherish... Write my sadness, fears and doubts away...