Friday, March 18, 2016

UPDATE: My dieting closet

So I started on 1st of November to stop all sorts of retail therapy and to just use what I have.

Its is mid March now and I am happy to report that I haven't shopped for "stuff". I lasted more than three months and in Jan I decided that I am going to try and push it for a whole year!

Yup, that's me! 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

my closet needs to go on a diet

When I first moved to Singapore, I downsized my 5 door wardrobe to a two-door cupboard. It was refreshing to be able to see your clothes and know exactly where what is. I realised I actually do not need so much clothes.

When I was unpacking recently after my Diwali trip back home, I noticed the lack of cloth hangers. #excessalert

Over the past 2 years, I have somehow subconsciously accumulated clothes again. I've happily go on with life and didn't stop to think about the last purchase I made (neither the one before).

I have decided to go on a 90 Days No Retail Therapy Challenge

Mindfully not go shopping (online or otherwise). The truth is, the impulse purchases has always been 'wants' more than 'needs'.

I started on 1st Nov 2015... so let's see how I feel throughout the 90 days :)

Sunday, August 23, 2015

of pet peeves...

So I was on a date. A brunch date with a guy I met on OKC.

He looked good on paper (why do I keep falling for that?) and after a couple of emails and phone calls, we decided to do Sunday brunch.

He picked a nice little place called The Providore at Turf Club Road and we were nicely seated by the window. We ordered and our food came. That's when the horror began.

He chewed. With his mouth open. With loud noises.

I tried to concentrate on the conversation we were having about his weekend in Taiwan, but all I could focus on was the eggs and chorizo being crushed between his teeth. And the noise that came out of it. *chomp chomp chomp*

Coupled with that, was the leg shaking.

At that point, table manners seemed like the best thing any parent could do for a child. It's the epitome of love - now I believe. I am grateful to my mom who drilled in table manners from a very young age. Can you picture me bouncing on my seat chewing mesclun like a cow? Urgh.

My two pet peeves - mixed in one. For brunch. Lucky me.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Journey...

...has been an arduous and emotional one to say the least.

Exactly one year ago I decided to "try" crossfit for 3 months. It wasn't because I had a love for exercise nor did I want to challenge myself. My doctor had advised that I need to change my sedentary lifestyle and had strictly said that jumping into conclusion is not a sport! *rolls eyes*

When I had a surgery in Dec 2013 and they couldn't stabilise my blood pressure levels, I knew I had to do something about my lifestyle. My blood pressure dropped to 59/33, I was losing consciousness and the last thing I remembered was telling myself that I can't possibly die on a hospital bed - uneventfully - like this!

Moving to Singapore, I was away from the usual distractions and I had time in my hands. What perfect situation to start the change. Though I still don't understand why didn't I just take up a membership in a fancy gym.

Crossfit Firecity and I had a love hate relationship. My first ever Workout of the Day (WOD) had me falling off the walls doing a wall climb - I just couldn't make out how can people step up the walls with their hands supporting them. I was passed the (then very heavy) 8kg bar, and was told that was ALREADY the scaled version. Words like Snatch, Clean and Jerk (*giggles*, oh wait - that's an actual term), glutes, high pull, medicine ball were all thrown around like it had been used from the times of Jane Austen.

For the first three months, the drain outside the box had to put up with my puke and tears. Passing out was a weekly affair.

My body never felt such intense pain ever before and I had to revamp my whole eating plan - if I am working my body so hard, I have to fuel it right. With every WOD, each perfectly manicured nail broke. Overtime, I skipped manicure for my WOD. I took Happy Hours, 4 times a week, from the bar to the box. I switched from reading Cosmopolitan to The Box Magazine.

That's when it hit me! I am doing this because I enjoy doing it. It is not a chore. It is not because the doctor said so. I come back, day after day, to the box, because I WANT to. Crossfit Firecity has become my safe place, my happy place, and my family. XOXO 

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JOSHINI & CROSSFIT FIRECITY! May we have many more happy memories together.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Pick up Lines

A lot of decisions I make with regards to my online dating profile, and the communication that follows is based on what I would say and how I would react if it was in real life. I would like to carry myself in my profile just as I would when I am out and about.

Thus a lame pick up line virtually is equally as bad as someone saying it out loud. In the month that I have had that profile up, these are a compilation of some of the messages I've received:

1) Where did you get your dress from?

2) Nice cleavage (#gobsmacked)

3) Wait till you try my ice-cream! (#facepalm)

4) Do I have a chance to explore you? (#speechless)

5) How do you like your eggs in the morning? (Really? Do people still use this one?)

6) What if someone write Hi two time? (Please tell me again who said online dating was a good idea?)

7) Oh My God, your boyfriend is soooo lucky! (Yup, exactly why I am online dating at the moment... My non-existent boyfriend is not only lucky, he is turning green with envy from all the responses I am getting)

And staying true to my principles of not responding to these, I just roll my eyes. The only difference (and benefit) online dating has? I can actually just click delete instead of suppressing the urge to stab his eyeballs out as a distraction. 

Online Dating

So after sleeping on it, I actually thought I shall not chronicle my adventures. Because honestly:

1) I wouldn't know when to stop when in comes to the degree of information given out (TMI anyone?)

2) I wouldn't know how to tell these people that I would be blogging about it

But then Homie Next Door said I should and maybe I would have fun! And I am not someone to say no to fun!

So I've decided to pick some of the Good, the Bad and the downright Dirty  errmm.. Ugly ones and talk about those instead. I mean, when was the last time you gushed about "that boring date" anyways. But I do have a story about how I was bashed after rejecting a boring date!

Am I a skeptic? You bet I am! But I might as well have some fun while I'm at it! :D

Art courtesy of yours truly in her sudden burst of creativity

Monday, May 19, 2014


Yes! I cant pretend, I cant event fake it! Yes I LURRVE  Birthdays! Not just because it gives me a reason to eat cake, but because I am reminded on this day, how much love I have in my life and there is sooo much I need to be grateful for :)

~ Blessed is a girl who has family and friends from near (like Homie in the next room) and far (like Rebuka who is half way around the world!) taking time to remember and send wishes this way.
~ Blessed also is a girl when she has friends old and new organising dinners and drinks and making an effort to being there! 
~ Blessed is the girl who has her parents stay up till 12 mid night to be the first to call her to wish her!
~ Blessed is also the girl who has her two baby cousins (ok ok, so they are teenagers now, but they will always be my babies!) who were the first to send her colourful whatsapp telling her how much they love her and miss her! 

And that Girl is this one here!

A pre birthday dinner and drinks selfie :D

I cant really complain honestly.